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We are a lifestyle platform that pledges to realize true value for the very recyclable waste you dispose of or pay for disposal, motivate you to accumulate your recyclable waste separately and believes that together we make it easier, faster and less costly to tackle the environmental challenge of post-consumer waste disposal.

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 We invite you to download and install RecycAfrica because it is the solution to these these key challanges…

Primary Waste Generators

BURN-BURY-DUMP-LITTER is the current action trend with post-consumer waste. They are always unmapped, unbranded, and 80% deal with informal recycling players.

Recycling Centers

Experience low supply, a fragmented link between accumulators and upcycles, and low-quality waste (mostly from secondary recovery).


Pollution of the air (through smoke from burning landfills), land (from dumpsites), and water (through direct dumping into water) all affect the environment


RecycAfrica App is designed with you the user in mind. Our app is therefore simple and easy to use…

Install App

From Google Play Store or our website, Download and Install RecycAfrica into your device

Find Local Recyclers/Upcyclers

Sign up, then Tick the materials You deal in, for instance, Mixed Recyclable waste, Paper or Steel.

Contact Authorized Recycler

View and contact the nearest or most convenient recycler location and map your route

Get Paid

Upon dropoff or collection of your recyclables and verification, You will get paid accordingly

amazing feature

Not only is our APP one of a kind, but it also comes with amazing features to boost the user experience and more.


Ours is the only APP in Kenya that connect recyclers to homes and get people paid in the process

Safe & Secure

Our App has been built ground up to be secure because we value your data and will always protect it.

Super Fast

Convenience being our goal, you won't experience crashes and lags when using Recyc App. It's simply fast!

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We believe that your network is your networth. With RecycAfricaNETWORK, even what you throw away is turned into cash.

Prompt Notification

Recyclers will receive prompt waste collection requests as primary waste producers know about their payment history.

customer support

Even though our APP is optimized to work efficiently, our team is always on standby to address any issue


To give you a sneak-peek into our APP, here are some screenshots
to show how the Recyc looks and works.





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Recyc App has simplified things for both primary waste producers and recyclers. But don't take our word for it, here are some testimonials from active users

"A lot of material is unpackaged when we sell to individual buyers, we refer users to the app for recycling and we as well use it to dispose of packaging waste generated from our business."

Jacob K

Hardware Owner | Prenc Hardware & Tiles.

"Thanks to Recyc Africa, I am a collection agent to the mother company RECYC WORKS INDUSTRIES. I make money from post-consumer recyclable waste generated from the neighborhood homes and premises.That's my side hustle. Truly your network is your networth"

Dennis O

Caretaker | Saika Estate Apartments

"Since the app was brought to this neighborhood...we never see people burning household waste in the mornings. I too make some money from the paper waste generated from my shop and house."

John M

Shop Owner | Komarock Estate

get the app

Our App is available on multiple platforms. Pick your platform, download Recyc, and start making money as you save the environment.

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